Ideas for a Christmas Holiday Destination for Newlyweds

The Christmas Holiday season is the favourite time of the year for most people to plan a family vacation. You can also utilize the best of the holidays by pre-booking business class flights to Accra for a perfect African gateway or even to the Caribbean islands to spend a spectacular holiday or your honeymoon to freshen up your tired soul and body.

Throughout the winter the top locations experience huge tourist inflow causing a dearth of accommodation at the decent hotels of your choice and flight tickets. Therefore, plan your Christmas vacation or even your honeymoon during the Holidays at least three months before to select your favourite flight seats to the selected resort before the crowd rush in.

The best part is you can invest in buying a packed tour offered by a renowned online travel agency or even any local tour company. Get your tickets to business class flights to Durban meet the local company and explore the selected destination.

There are myriad destinations across the world where honeymooners can travel for their post-nuptial vacation. Across the seven continents, there are beautiful places. Couples after their marriage often plan their honeymoon in foreign countries, while some like to go for weekend honeymoons in nearby places. According to preference, there are professional travel agents who help couples to plan for their honeymoon.

Some of the top honeymoon destinations are mentioned in the following:

  • Paris: Paris can be called the Mecca of lovers. To eternalize your union with the love of your life, fly to Paris. The French capital is ornamented with a series of world-famous architects and natural beauties. The great Eiffel Tower is among the Seven Wonders of the World. During the days, the tourists can visit the Louvre and several parks around the city. Paris looks best during the night. The dazzling lights of Paris flood the city. The operas, restaurants and pubs are very lively in Paris.
  • Rome: Another important European destination is Rome, the capital of Italy. This place has historical importance. During the reign of the Romans, this place became a prominent name in world history. The great Colosseum is in Rome. Beautiful side seeing of this Italian destination is a great honeymoon destination. Taste the delicious Italian cuisine here in Rome. Add Venice, Naples, Tuscany, and The Vatican to your Italian vacation as you can’t afford to miss these heavenly destinations while off for your holidays. However, Italy experiences snowfall at certain places in winter.
  • South Asian Countries

Book one of the leading business class flights to Dhaka, if you’re intrigued to explore South Asian countries such as Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and so on. You’ll be thrilled to witness Cox Bazar beach of Bangladesh, with a globally reputed beach driving tourists from all over the world.

  • Costa Rica- A Caribbean Delight:  If you’re eager to enjoy tropical islands, white sand beaches kissed by turquoise waters, then visit Costa Rica, Bahamas, and similar places. Those couples who love adventures like rock climbing and river-rafting can plan to visit Caribbean islands. The West Indian islands comprised of Caribbean. Nature lovers can experience a memorable honeymoon in the Caribbean Islands.

Costa Rica is a nature’s paradise. Gifted with the far-stretched coastlines, the mild tropical climate and the opulence of wildlife, forests, rivers, volcanoes and natural lakes—Costa Rica is a spectacular gateway for any nature lover. If you want more such as activities in your tour- this country is not going to disappoint you. 

  • Hawaii: Hawaii is one of the top honeymoon destinations among the Pacific Ring of Fire. Under the blue sky and by the side of a deep blue sea, the couples love to walk hand in hand on the white sandy beaches of Hawaii. Lots of coconut mock-tails and fresh sea-foods are available in this pacific island.

You can also choose any Middle East country to spend the best Christmas or honeymoon celebrations. Book business class flights to Doha, Dubai, Abu Dhabi or anywhere you please to visit this winter. From exploring the huge edifices to rich heritage, the Middle East will entice you with amazing food, souks for shopping, and incredible partying options. Likewise, plan your next trip to enjoy a great holiday with loved ones.