Ideas to Choose the Best Tour Packages at Medellin

One of the greatest attractions of Columbia, Medellin, situated in a tapered valley, is the capital of Antioquia, the mountainous province of the country. Throughout the year, the destination experiences moderate weather, that urged the locals to nickname Medellin as the “City of Eternal Spring”. It’s the ‘eternal spring’ that allows the city to organize the famous Flower Fiesta every year witnessed by global tourists flocking to Medellin during that time. Enjoy this South American wonderland with smartly tailored tour packages, including first-class or Business Class Flights from the UK or anywhere else you travel.

When you’re off to special tours Medellin, the English-speaking guide that international tourists are usually provided with would let you explore the amazingly vibrant city lying on the mountains. It’s a wonder to find how the enormous skyscrapers are erected on the jagged hills. 

Witness the architectural wonders there from the cable cars to escalators interconnecting the whole city. It’s easier for people to reach the highest peaks by using the escalators or availing the cable cars. Missing out the spectacular views from Aburrá Valley is simply unforgiving. 

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Here are the Top Medellin Tours that await you—

Comuna 13 Tours

Once defamed as one of the most notorious neighbourhoods, Comuna 13 is a primary attraction of Medellin Colombia tours. Throughout the year, international tourists are found wandering across the streets and the famous elevators of the maverick Columbian destination. The escalators and cable cars are surrounded throughout the city connecting one hill to another.

One of the greatest attractions of Comuna 13 is the graffiti-painted walls. The escalator workers are fascinating street artists shouldering the responsibility of livening up the stale streets with life-like murals reflecting the several years of an abdominal criminal backdrop of the city and how they’re breaking barriers and finding ways towards peace and harmony.

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Graffiti tours

Medellin is not only famous for being the blessed destination of ‘eternal spring’ but also a destination where place neighbourhoods like Comuna 13 stand as instances of how human goodness can transform abdominals into dream catchers. Once known as the most notorious neighbourhood, Comuna 13 is now famous for its larger-than-life graffiti walls. The artists are the locals and mainly the escalator operators who find it a great way to channel their energies into painting the walls with abstract art and figures. The murals are storytellers of the heinous past of the place and how they transcended to goodness and now hoping for a brighter future. 

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Guatape tour

Situated at a distance of 90 kilometres from the city, the Guatape tour should be on your priority list when vacationing in Medellin. Buy private tours in Medellinwhere we recommend tourists not to miss out the El Peñol the 200-meter monolith. The guide takes tourists to the top after crossing the 750 concrete steps to witness the 360-degree spectacular view from the cliff- the Guatapé Reservoir. The monolith is surrounded by an artificial lake- with various arms housing the most luxurious homestays, hotels and many shacks offering various drinks for chilling out after climbing up and down the 750 steps at the monolith. You can rent a boat and enjoy the ride during the visit. 

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