The Top Romantic Destinations of the World

Our world is bestowed with excellent destinations with natural beauty and serenity. If we start selecting among the best romantic destinations, then that will be the toughest job. There are a variety of landscapes and excellent locations, which offer absolute tranquillity to the couples so that they can share the best time of their life. To make the post-nuptial union special some of the best destinations for honeymoon are suggested in the subsequent. Book first class flights to Cancun from UK or any destination in Europe for a perfect romantic gateway!

This article is dedicated to newlywed couples who are looking forward to experiencing the best phase of their life through their honeymoon. Often people choose destinations based on their preference, again sometimes the travel guides and agents suggest different locations to explore an enigmatic experience. Book your first class flights to Cape Town if you would like to explore the best safaris and would like to step into the cricket Mecca.

Whether hills or seaside; all the places have their unique beauty and elegance. Again adventurous couples prefer to select the best safari packages and desert explorations to experience something new.

Here, we have selected a few destinations which are preferred by honeymooners throughout the world and they are:

Colorado: This American destination is the best option for couples who do not like the seaside or coasts. This place is surrounded by hills and mountains and is blessed with excellent natural beauty and peacefulness. The newlywed couples love to send their union in the wooden cabins widely available in the Colorado region. The best time to visit this place is winter. During these times couples can enjoy the excellent weather and can get a chance to play many sports with their spouse to celebrate the beautiful honeymoon and make it memorable for the rest of their lives.

Europe: Europe houses some of the excellent honeymoon locations. The UK, Germany, France, Russia, Holland, Belgium, etc are some of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe. Paris is the dream location for lovers to enshrine their romance under the beautiful Eiffel Tower. Rome is another romantic destination to celebrate honeymoon.

Canary Islands in Spain: For those, who want to experience a sunny island Christmas vacation by a serene beach, this is the ideal destination for them. This Spanish archipelago comprised seven big islands allied with some smaller coasts. Many of the islands haven’t yet had human footprints on them. People love to explore the serene and exquisite beaches with their loved ones and friends. 

The Canary Islands attract tourists worldwide for its extravagant natural beauties and exotic locations. Moreover, the warm climate drags the attention of many summer lovers and they get an excellent opportunity to experience a beach celebration in the traditional Canarias style. The exotic sea foods and Spanish delights are added benefits of the Canary Islands.

Greece: This historically enriched European destination is also known as the Land of Gods. Some of the best honeymoon destinations in Greece are Crete, Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes, and so on. The honeymooners love to enjoy the sunny weather of this European destination. If you love the ancient history of Greece then you will love to have a lifetime experience with your spouse on a serene island of Greece, by the side of the blue Aegean Sea. 

Morocco: Morocco offers an enchanting atmosphere. From the rich Moroccan culture to the exotic Mediterranean white beaches, Morocco is a perfect Christmas destination. People usually plan their honeymoon here in Morocco. This place is geographically rich and is bounded by verdant valleys and an amazing Sahara desert. 

Bali: Bali is one of the best Asian Christmas destinations. This place can help travellers to experience the oriental charm and the exotic enchantment of Asia. This place is famous for its ancient temples and tombs. Moreover, Bali attracts international tourists for its world-famous natural spas. 

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