Top Honeymoon Destinations in India: An Exploration

India is among the top honeymoon locations for couples across the world. Usually, professional travel agents recommend newlywed couples to top destinations in India besides the spectacular European destinations or the trending South East Asian destinations such as Bali Bangkok, Singapore and so on. Along with India, adding a few destinations in Sri Lanka or Bangladesh is also recommended. If you and your spouse are planning for an Asian honeymoon then India might be your No. 1 choice to explore the spectacular Taj Mahal, magnanimous palaces, and geographical treasures from the Himalayas to the three seas kissing the feet of the country. Plan to start from Bangladesh by booking business class flights to Dhaka from UK to explore the beautiful Cox Bazar beach or the Sundarbans. Then enter India to extend your honeymoon.

Top Attractions for Honeymooners in India- An Exploration 

Explore the exquisite Indian Hill stations: Among the top honeymoon destinations in India, Himalayan locations are one of the top-ranked. The North Indian regions are usually bounded by the snow-capped Himalayas. The most important Honeymoon hill stations in India are Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh includes Shimla, Kullu, Manali, Lachhmanjhula, Dalhousie, Manipur, Darjeeling, Assam, and so on. Every year thousands of visitors besides the honeymooners flock down in these hilly regions of India. 

Honeymoon by the Beach Sides: India is blessed with two seas and an ocean named after the country. Therefore, there are diverse beaches across the country. On the west, the best coastal honeymoon packages are designed with Goa, situated by the Arabian Sea. Book your business class flights to Goa from UK if you wish to land in this globally renowned destination first in India.

The Orissa coastal belts by the Bay of Bengal attract tourists throughout the year. Gopalpur, Chandipur and Puri have world-famous beaches. Honeymooners love to spend their union in these serene Indian destinations. Besides Indians, many foreign honeymooners visit these Indian coastal regions.

Palatial Honeymoon Destinations: Many honeymoon couples love to explore the exclusive palaces and want to experience the life of the Indian Maharajas for a few days. The best destination to experience a palatial honeymoon is Rajasthan.

Previously this land was known as Rajputana as this was claimed as the land of Maharajas. Presently Rajasthan is the largest Indian state that houses the most Palaces. In almost all the places and cities across Rajasthan, there are Palaces created by the Ranas of Rajasthan.

Most of the palaces are now transformed into top-class hotels. To experience a royal honeymoon the best palaces are the lake palace of Udaipur, Umaid Bhavan and so on. Connect with a renowned online travel agency that can help you design the itinerary.

Starting from booking business class flights to Entebbe or the Indian destination you choose to find decent accommodation at the premium Indian hotels. They can also buy sightseeing tours for you along with a rental car service so that you can move independently. Otherwise, book the honeymoon packages at the chosen destinations in India where you can get all-inclusive care.

Enjoy Indian Safaris: In a diverse country like India, honeymooners can also experience safaris. Usually, adventurous romantic couples prefer visiting the Indian jungles to experience a thrill during their honeymoon. The best safaris are programmed in the Jim Corbett National Park, Kanha National Park, Gir Forest, Jaldapara Forest, Gorumara Forest, Bharatpur Sanctuary and many more. These are the most important sanctuaries and forests in India to explore and experience safaris.

Desert Honeymoon Packages: India is famous for its Thar Desert. This is counted among the top 5 deserts across the world. Thar lies in Rajasthan as well as Gujarat and borders between India and Pakistan. Experiencing desert life is a unique venture. While scorching heat in the mornings and chilling at night, deserts give a unique experience. The Run of Kutch is one of the hottest attractions in the Thar Desert. 

So, pre-book the honeymoon packages with or without the help of your travel agency. You can save more on business class flights to Harare or Rajasthan, India by choosing to book the flight tickets in the off-season and by redeeming the loyalty points. To enjoy the best of India, choose the winter to avoid the scorching heat of the tropical country.